Johnny Mack Brown: Creative Writings

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A young girl in a Texas town imagines that she is the movie cowboy Johnny Mack Brown. He is her ideal of perfection, someone who was a football hero and then the star of movies about a cowboy who stands up for good things. She tells her mother she is Johnny Mack Brown and denies her mother's suggestion that it's only pretend. She wears a scarf like the ones Johnny Mack Brown wore in movies. Assigned at school to write about a "rainy day," she tells about leaving a wet ball outside and coming inside to play with her brother's train. Later, she becomes an associate in a large New York law firm, discovers the importance of gender conformity in a "corporate" setting, and realizes that our small towns indulge us more than we know. In long nights working with other associates and legal assistants to produce corporate documents, she imagines herself wearing a scarf and working with a generous spirit with her colleagues. Her vision of Johnny Mack Brown redeems her work and yields inner riches, while complicating her life as an associate in a New York law firm.